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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learnin’ Reiki & Lovin’ It

Back to school and another chance to get it right.  As a teacher, the start of the school year was always a pivotal time for me, full of the potential in new beginnings, the anticipation of growth and development, and the excitement of shared learning. 

In truth, adventures in learning continue for a lifetime.  I now delight in watching my Reiki students embrace this calming, healing art, and experience the growth and change that come with practice.

The words of my advanced students speak for them:

Six-word Reiki Memoirs

No expectations. Always amazed and surprised.
Calm when answers are not there.
Feeling comfortable in the Reiki zone.
A totally awesome, self-gratifying experience.
Caramel energy flowing, vibrating my soul.
Always with me all the time.
Adventures in relaxing, resting, and restoring.
Exploring, self-discovery. Helping others heal.
I enjoy giving love through kindness.
Exploring unlimited possibilities, sharing intimate healing.

There is great joy in being a lifelong learner.  Learn Reiki, Do Reiki, Be Reiki!